General Insurance

Basics of General Insurance

Getting general insurance has become very important today.  General insurance offers benefit when the insured things got damaged or lost. General insurance includes all types of insurance except that of life insurance. General insurance includes insurance of property like home, vehicle, health insurance and liability insurance. General insurance is not same as life insurance. General insurance is also called as non life insurance.

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Types of General Insurance

  1. Accident Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Auto Insurance
  5. Home Insurance

1.  Accident Insurance
When any injury occurs due to accident, then the compensation is paid to the insurance policy holder. It is not similar like that of life insurance. It is quite different from life insurance.

2.  Health Insurance
It is a general insurance in which sudden attack or disability occurs and the charges reach up to the sky. In such situation having a health insurance provides you a security.

3.  Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is a general insurance which is used to cover any financial losses made during travel.

4.  Auto Insurance
It is a general insurance in which a vehicle is insured. Whenever the vehicle meets any accident and gets some crashes or severe damage, then the cost of repairing it is covered up by this general insurance.

5.  Home Insurance
In this general insurance the cost of a damaged home due to burglary and fire is covered up. This type of general insurance offers a security against these risks.

Who should take general insurance?
General insurance policy can be taken by everyone who owns an asset. To get benefit or cover the cost of property due to damage, general insurance policy is the best option in case of any emergency.

What kind of General Insurance policies are there?
Some general insurance policies last for 1 year and some general insurance policies are for longer period.

How to Choose General Insurance Policy?
Whenever going to choose a suitable general insurance policy for you, you should find what costs can be covered and what not. There are many life insurance companies and general insurance companies that provide you the best insurance policies. You should compare different general insurance policies provided by different insurance companies and choose the best general insurance policy for you.

Why not to choose us?
If searching for a general insurance policy then we offer all insurance policies that suit your requirement. We do not let you hassle for acquiring the best and affordable insurance policy.


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