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General Introduction of Life Insurance Policy

What is Life Insurance?

There is no guarantee of a human life; it is prone to death and accidents. When such contingencies occur, there is the loss of income to the family and they have to face financial hardship. Life Insurance is a solution for such problem which ensures happy life of your family, even after you aren’t around.

The policy can be called as a contract that is being done between a policy holder and an insurer. In life insurance, the policy holder pays some amount of money in installments and that is called as a premium. Upon the death of the policy holder, a definite amount of money including some bonus is returned to the household or beneficiaries of the policy holder so that the beneficiaries do not have to face economic trouble in the absence of the policy holder.

Life insurance provides protection and financial stability to the beneficiaries after disability or death of the policy holder. However, the company providing such programs need a proof of the death of the policy holder in the form of a death certificate, and then the amount of money plus some bonus is paid to the beneficiaries.

Why to Buy Life Insurance?

A life insurance scheme is too much beneficial for every policy holder. It is the best tool for assuring the financial stability of your loved ones. The coverage or policy can help your heirs by providing them the burial expenses, medical expenses etc.

Some policies provide you a form of saving your money, and you can withdraw the money whenever you have urgency.

Types of a Life Insurance Policy

1. Term life insurance
In this kind of policy, the coverage scheme is purchased for a specific duration of time like 10 years, 15 years. At the end of the duration, you have to renew the policy. In this scheme, amount of money is paid as a death benefit only. Term life insurance offers a single benefit to your family and that benefit will cover the burial expenses, loans, immediate and sudden bills. It’s not a policy that builds up money.

2. Permanent Life Insurance
In this kind of policy, there is no time duration fixed like term life insurance. This insurance can be kept as long as you make the payments or until the coverage policy matures. A cash value can be built up by permanent life insurance policy.

How to select a life insurance company?

Choosing the right company could be a tiresome task. Before applying for any policy scheme, you need to confirm that the coverage company has a strong financial condition.
There are many companies that rate the different life insurance companies on the basis of their financial condition and the services. You can take help of such companies by paying some amount of money.

You can choose us as your reliable company where you will get the suitable life insurance quote. We offer you all types of insurance policies and coverage schemes that suit you the best in a cost-effective manner. We assure you that in your absence, your loved ones will not have to face any financial crisis by offering you the best policy.


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